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Milwaukee Janitorial

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office cleaning and commercial janitorial services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1998

Enhance your professional image by creating a clean and inviting atmosphere. Our Milwaukee corporate cleaning crews will exceed your expectations, so you can make an outstanding first impression.

A clean office is a productive office. Keep your employees happy, healthy and productive with our corporate cleaning services. We provide everything from restroom sanitation and desktop disinfecting to trash removal and floor cleaning. Employees will enjoy working in a clean environment.

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We believe quality cleaning begins with quality employees.

One of the biggest problems in the commercial cleaning industry is the lack of quality employees. The vast majority of Milwaukee corporate cleaning companies have huge turnover rates, a problem which seriously affects the quality of service they provide. Commercial cleaning companies forced to constantly acquire and train new employees aren’t focused on providing their customers with the superb cleaning services they should be delivering.

We believe quality cleaning begins with quality employees, so Milwaukee Janitorial is dedicated to building the best professional corporate cleaning team possible. Through extensive training, incentive programs and background checks, Milwaukee Janitorial has built a Milwaukee and Waukesha commercial cleaning service team capable of providing your company or facility with the high quality cleaning practices you require. 

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Trust in a janitorial company is not given,
it is earned. 

  • Cleaning Industry Management (CIMS) Certification

  • Facility plan developed specific for each client

  • Safety, Quality and Security is the foundation that drives our success

  • Milwaukee local company serving the community we grew up and live in

Contract Free

National corporate cleaning services often require their customers to sign long term, automatically renewing contracts which can cause too many issues. Milwaukee Janitorial takes a different approach to customer relations. We won’t force you to sign a contract; we only require a letter of intent. With no formal contract, there is no risk for our clients. 

Corporate and commercial cleaning services can be adjusted or added and cleaning schedules can be altered quickly and easily, providing our customers with the flexibility so many other companies don’t offer. Our reputation in customer relationships and customer retention rates speak volumes about the quality of work Milwaukee Janitorial provides.

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Got Germs?
1. An average computer desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
2. Flu-like viruses can live on keyboards and phones for up to two days.
3. MRSA bacterial infections can last from days to weeks on your work surfaces.
4. An average office worker can come into contact with over 10 million bacteria per day.
5. Office telephones harbor over 25,000 microbes per square inch
About Us

We are a local Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company.  Both partners in the company were raised in Milwaukee, currently live in Milwaukee and raise their families here.

Our focus is on Quality.  Trust in the janitorial industry is earned. Ask us and we can provide as many references as needed.

Safety, Security and Quality is the foundation that drives our success.

Green Cleaning services use Green-Seal certified and environmentally preferable products along with environmentally conscious practices to minimize the impact on health and the environment while enhancing employee morale, productivity, safety, and wellness.

We’re part of the community.  Over 20 years of commitment with janitorial service to our clients.  Building strong relationships with our clients and employees.

Quality Management System. Through our new hire janitorial training program, quarterly training and on-site safety meetings - our staff is trained on the International Janitorial Cleaning Association Standards with OSI Best Practices.  For Healthcare Facilities our staff is in compliance with JCAHO, HIPAA, CDC and OSHA regulatory standards.  All training is mandatory for each employee.


Reinforcing the customers professional image, maintaining a safe and comfortable work place and providing an environmental  friendly service.

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