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How to Choose a Corporate Janitorial Service

Consider the experience of the company. Some companies will have years of experience behind them, which means that you can be sure that they've developed a system for cleaning and are comfortable handling any cleaning issues involved. All other things being equal, choose the company with more experience.

Get references from the company. A quality company will be able to provide you with references from its clients. Contact these references and ask how happy they are with the cleaning services that the company provides. How long they have been there. Turnover with cleaning employees.

Ask to see proof of insurance. You want a cleaning company that has its insurance so that you can be sure that you will not be liable should a cleaner become hurt while cleaning.

Seek a local company that is not part of a franchise. Franchises require a percentage of profits to be directed to the franchisor. In addition, if you are not satisfied with a franchises work, they continuously rotate the account to another franchise.


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